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Energize teams, drive strategy, impact growth

Let's Go!

As a senior UX research leader, I mobilize cross-functional teams with a "let's go" attitude to drive initiatives forward together.

I excel at building consensus around decisions and balancing strategic objectives with customer needs.

The end-to-end research projects I lead deliver immediately actionable insights and future-forward planning.

I am known for collaborating and mentoring with compassion and pragmatism. 


Increase Team Velocity & Impact without Increasing Headcount

Project: Hired to increase research team impact

Problem: Limited methodologies and program structure produced insulated findings

Solution: Assessed and leveled-up team skills to meet organization needs, overhauled research program

Methods: Co-working sessions, process optimization, skills workshops, cross-departmental collaboration

Impact: Increased customer engagement, research velocity, and insight impact. Reduced meetings, amplified collaboration. Resulted in product roadmap alignment, new product directions, and durable insights to impact present and future design and development


Collaboration is crucial for project success. Rather than reiterate this in each portfolio example, I emphasize it upfront.


I engage with product, design, and engineering partners from the start, considering their objectives and timelines in research planning. We work together from discovery to post-launch stages, enriching perspectives and ensuring alignment. (Curious? Ask me how.)


My collaboration extends beyond project partners to include cross-departmental colleagues. I tap into their expertise and data, adapting to their workflows, integrating collective knowledge into product, service, and process design across the organization.


These symbiotic relationships, nurtured through collaborative exchanges, deepen our collective comprehension of customer needs and ecosystems.


This rich collaboration has impact as you'll see throughout each project detailed in these pages. It's also evidenced through my publications. 


Collaboration is a catalyst!

Teamwork by Nick-Fewings-on-unsplash_edi

Inform Strategy: 3 Products in 4 Months

Project: Glean insights from quantitative and qualitative discovery to inform product directions for 3 digital products serving disparate market segments

Problem: Startup team falling short on milestones, lacked customer insight to move the needle and move projects forward

Solution: Conducted rapid evaluative and foundational research, scaled output using AI, streamlined reporting, delivered actionable insights


Methods: Concept validation, prototype usability testing, surveys, unmoderated perception and prioritization studies, quantitative analysis, in-depth-interviews, AI prompt writing & tuning, collaboration with product, design engineering and leadership teammates

Impact: Provided strategic direction for each product:

(1) Digital access product - design enhancements resulted in exceeding usage goal by 16%.

(2) Service support app - changed product focus to better align with service delivery, resulting in streamlined connection between digital and physical offerings. Tripled adoption and retention.


(3) Flagship product - discovered adoption blockers, product undergoing major revision to overcome and meet changing market demand.

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